Empowering Innovators

Empowering Innovators

Our Mission

Enabling the second quantum revolution with easy-to-use
and sustainable cryogenics

The most promising quantum technologies 2.0 need extreme artificial environments, at temperatures close to the absolute minimum, to operate. These developing technologies are being held back by cumbersome and slow low-temperature cooling solutions.

We want to change cooling from being a bottleneck to becoming a key enabler for quantum science and technology by providing the best, most scalable, and sustainable cooling solutions and services. 

Person loading a sample into a L-Type Rapid quantum cooling cryostat.
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Our Team

Meet the people who make kiutra 

Group photo of the kiutra team in 2023

We are a team of 40-plus people who are passionate about their work – whether that means meeting complex engineering challenges or keeping our storage beautifully organized. We come from a range of countries and have diverse backgrounds, specialties and talents. Our company is backed by trusted deeptech investors and outstanding scientific advisors.

Our Solutions

Future-proof sub-Kelvin cooling along the whole quantum value chain

Trusted by leading companies and research institutions around the world

L-Type Rapid

Top-loading cryostat for simple and fast low-temperature analysis

100 mK - 300 K

< 3 hours

300 mK

Front view of a L-Type Rapid cryostat

S-Type Essential

Front view of a S-Type Essential cryostat
Versatile, rack-mountable cryogenic platform

down to 100 mK

Ø > 140 mm

300 mK

S-Type Optical

S-Type Optical Cryostat Front
Compact sub-Kelvin cryostat with free-beam access


ø > 20 mm

3 T || optical axis

Our Technology

ADR and cADR cooling

Traditional, helium-based cooling methods and systems come with usability challenges – they are expensive, complex, slow and are hard to scale up. We solve these problems by using a fundamentally different technology. Our innovative products rely on proven, low-maintenance closed-cycle cryocoolers that provide cooling without consuming helium to generate Kelvin temperatures. For sub-Kelvin temperatures, we completely eliminate the need for rare and expensive helium-3 and instead cool with paramagnetic solids in an established process known as adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration (ADR).  

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