kiutra builds cryo-automats. Our refrigerators are easy to operate, hazard-free, and have minimal infrastructure requirements. All device parameters can be controlled, programmed, and monitored using open-source Python software.

Robotic sample changes

Leave sample changes to our robot and never get cold fingers again.

Robotic samples changes for MRX cooling Systems.

Minimal space & infrastructure requirements:


  • cryostat Ø 810 mm x 1500 mm (max., incl. sample changer)
  • rack 800 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm
  • compressor 530 mm x 450 mm x 580 mm

Power consumption (typ.): 6.6-7.2 kW (380/415 V3~, 50 Hz)

Cooling water (typ.): 6-9 L/min, 5-25°C (Air-cooled compressors available upon request)