kiutra Cryostats

Cryogen-free Magnetic Refrigerators

All kiutra Cryostats are built around closed-cycle cryocoolers which provide a base temperature of less than 4 K. Depending on your needs, the system may be equipped with up to four ADR stages,  fitted with different cooling media to optimize the cooling power, cooling capacity, and minimum temperature of the system. In this way kiutra Cryostats provide single-shot cooling below 100 mK and continuous, cryogen-free cooling down to 300 mK.

Available Sizes

Available Configurations

Depending on your cooling demands, kiutra Cryostats may be configured with up to four ADR stages, offering single-shot cooling [ ] below 100 mK , as well as continuous, cryogen-free cooling [ ] below 300 mK

1-Stage Systems
1-Stage Packages
2-Stage Systems
3-Stage System
4-Stage System

Our four stage systems for continuous operation down to 100 mK will be available soon

Available Add-ons

kiutra Cryostats can be equipped with a number of add-ons to offer dedicated solutions for various applications.

Rapid Cooldown Switch

An additional thermal switch reduces the sample cooldown time and facilitates rapid prototyping and large sample turnovers.

Custom Wiring

kiutra offers various kinds of wiring such as DC and RF lines, or fiber optics.

3-Axes Optical Access

In combination with our S100g cryostat, kiutra offers the possibility for direct 3-axis optical access below 1K.

Magnetic Shielding

Mu-Metal shielding reduces the magnetic stray field at the sample position by two orders of magnitude.