The kiutra MR-1 extends the basic cryostat with a single magnetic refrigeration unit offering single-shot ADR. It is optimized for high cooling capacity and long hold time.

Key features

Cryogen-free operation

Hazard-free and convenient use independent of liquid cooling media such as helium or nitrogen.

Fully automatic and robust

No expert knowledge required. Easy-to-use graphical control software with highly flexible scripting support.

Compact size

Fits even into standard office rooms albeit offering a large sample space.

Large temperature range

Continuous temperature sweeps from 1 K to room temperature.

Single-shot ADR

Single-shot operation allows cost-effective cooling to
T < 1 K for many hours.

Modular assembly

Upgrades extend the basic system to fit your cooling requirements of both, today and tomorrow.



300 K – 4 K (CCR)


1.0 K (ADR)

Cooling capacity

3 J @ 1.0 K


  • Robotic sample changer
  • Sample magnet
  • Custom wiring

Technical and infrastructure requirements

The basic requirements are 3-phase electricity and cooling water to operate the closed-cycle refrigerator. 

Power consumption: Typ.: 6.6-7.2 kW (380/415 V3~, 50 Hz)

Cooling water: Typ.: 6-9 L/min, 5-25°C (Air-cooled compressors available upon request)


  • cryostat Ø 810 mm x 1500 mm (max., incl. sample changer)
  • rack 800 mm x 800 mm x 1200 mm
  • compressor 530 mm x 450 mm x 580 mm

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