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kiutra is providing the cooling platform for the MILLENION project, a collaboration involving 14 academic and industrial partners across Europe to advance trapped-ion quantum computers from the laboratory to industrial applications

Building upon its precursor program AQTION, MILLENION aims to construct a scalable quantum computer capable of controlling 1000 qubits.

The project gathers leading science teams responsible for setting up trapped-ion quantum computers with commercial leaders specializing in various fields including laser technology, optical design, cryogenic technology, control electronics, and computer architectures. This collaborative effort aims to maintain and further bolster European leadership in the quantum information sector in alignment with the strategic objectives of the FET Quantum Technologies Flagship.

Within the broader European quantum ecosystem, MILLENION fosters collaboration and innovation through its extensive connections, both academic and industrial, facilitating the emerging quantum industry in Europe.

The project provides a nexus of academic expertise and commercial products to meet the experimental and theoretical needs of this burgeoning sector. It has secured the endorsement of significant European industrial stakeholders in quantum technologies like Airbus, Bosch, Covestro (Bayer), and the Quantum Industry Consortium, showcasing its integral role in advancing European Quantum Technologies.

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