The Fastest, Simplest and Most Economical Way to Get Your Low-Temperature Characterization Measurements 


The Fastest, Simplest and Most Economical Way to Get Your Low-Temperature Characterization Measurements

One of the hurdles companies and research groups face when entering the quantum technology field is the significant investment needed to set up their own cryogenics facilities. Additionally, building the infrastructure takes time, and there is a shortage of experienced staff. Outsourcing measurements is cost-effective, gets you results quickly and ensures you have expert support throughout your project.

Sideview of an L-Type Rapid cryostat with its sample loader open used for t Cryogenics as a Service.

Key Benefits

Get results faster

Receive a report including raw data and plots that you can use straight away.

A simple and quick way to trial ultra-low temperature characterization.

The equipment is ready for you to use – if you are in the process of setting up your own facilities bridge a gap.

Reduce your costs

Only pay for the measurements you need without having to invest in infrastructure, space and personnel.

Temporarily add measurement capacity when you need it.

Reduce risk of hardware failures associated with the operation of complex cryogenic and room temperature measurement equipment.

Assess whether setting up your own equipment will be a sound investment.

Expert support to get you the results you need

Hire in low-temperature expertise, support and advice leaving you to focus on your project goals.

Get proof of concept by having your results verified.

High-level of data security and pseudonymized samples – we support you without compromising your IP.


Sharing equipment is the most cost-efficient and sustainable way for low-temperature investigations. As we exclusively use certified green electricity from European hydropower, using our service will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint.

How it Works

Standard measurement workflow


You order carrier pads (if needed), prepare the samples, and send them to us.

Carrier pads and other spare parts can be easily ordered online through our CryoCloud®.


You configure your measurement protocol using our free online tool.

Find out more about our standard measurement options below.


You receive your measurement data and a report after we have carried out the low-temperature characterization according to your protocol.

If you have a CryoCloud® account, measurement data will be safely shared with you using encrypted files.

Discuss your Requirements

For clients new to the field of cryogenics and low-temperature measurements, we are happy to provide expert advice and support for setting up and configuring their projects. 

Is the measurement task you need not covered here, or do you have special requirements?

We may be working already with your measurement method or can implement it together with you.

Our Standard Measurements

Resistivity or voltage measurement

Our application engineers will use the L-Type Rapid fast characterization cryostat together with a digital lock-in technique and state-of-the-art measurement electronics to determine the low-temperature resistivity of thin-films or bulk samples, supplied by the customer, as a function of temperature and/or magnetic field. The number of samples studied, and the detailed measurement protocol can be fully defined by the customer through our free online configuration tool.

Superconducting resonator spectroscopy

Using the L-Type Rapid fast characterization cryostat together with a state-of-the -art Vector Network Analyzer (VNA), our application engineers will determine the internal and coupling quality factors of superconducting resonators in a S21 transmission measurement. The access to both power and temperature dependence of the quality factors in a fast and convenient way will allow detailed insight into resonator properties such as TLS densities and dynamics or surface impedance.

I-V curve measurement

Our application engineers will use the L-Type Rapid fast characterization cryostat together with high-performance Source/Measure Units (SMUs) to determine the I-V characteristics of devices and materials at 4 K and/or at milli-Kelvin temperature. This allows the assessment of the functional capability of semiconductor devices for quantum applications in cryogenic environments, as well as detailed insight into more complex devices such as superconducting Josephson junctions.

Testing Setup

L-Type Rapid

The L-Type Rapid allows you to cool samples from room temperature to 100 mK in less than 3 hours.

Its capabilities can be extended to offer tailored solutions for a variety of low temperature applications.

A 5 Tesla sample magnet can be integrated, enabling the study of magnetic properties such as magnetoresistance or Hall effect.

The standard DC lines can be extended with 4 radio frequency lines equipped with multiple RF electronic components such as amplifiers, isolators, and low-pass filters used for characterization of quantum devices.

Additionally, we integrate QDevil products optimized for measurements of quantum electronic components.

State-of-the-art measurement electronics

For service measurements, we use only modern equipment that is optimally suited for the respective application. Here is a selection of the instruments that we employ:

Digital multi-channel lock-in amplifier: Synktek, model MCL1-540
Vector Network Analyzer: Keysight, model 5063a
Source-Measure Unit: Keithley, model 2612B
Switching Matrix: Linkbone, model Dual BNC 8×8
Photo of the top of the L-Type Rapid cryostat used for Cryogenics as a Service with its sample loader open and the sample cage inside.