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kiutra builds easy-access turn-key refrigeration solutions tailored to the needs of each individual customer. Our all-electrical cooling devices combine magnetic refrigeration and closed-cycle precooling to provide cryogenic temperatures cryogen-free and conveniently.

Cryogenic temperatures are a key prerequisite for research, development, and many industrial applications.

The Physics Department at the Technical University of Munich has a long tradition in developing novel methods and devices for providing these low temperatures. kiutra is a TUM spin-off launched at the Chair for the Topology of Correlated Systems. Our team brings in more than 50 years of applied low-temperature physics and cryo-engineering.

kiutra is funded by “EXIST Transfer of Research”, a program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy which supports excellent, research-based Startups.

Cryogen-free. Modular. Automatic. Compact.

Multi-Purpose Research Cryostats

kiutra’s standard cryostats combine closed-cycle precooling and multi-stage magnetic refrigeration to provide sub-Kelvin temperatures cryogen-free and continuously.

Features: cryogen-free | continuous cooling | compact size | large temperature range | excellent temperature stability | fully automatic operation | robotic sample changes | large sample space | open-source software

The basic system makes use of a closed-cycle refrigerator (1-2 W, 300 K-3.5 K). It may be upgraded according to customer requirements with up to four ADR units:


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