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Seoul Korea

ASK Corporation is now our distribution partner for Korea

July 3 2024

Earlier this spring Verve Ventures published an excellent interview with our Managing Director, Alexander Regnat.

screenshot verve ventures blog

Verve Ventures Interview

May 21 2024

Earlier this spring Verve Ventures published an excellent interview with our Managing Director, Alexander Regnat.

RESONANCE: Quantum Tech Community Gathering

RESONANCE: Quantum Tech Community Gathering

February 19 2024

Get ready to groove at RESONANCE: a kick-ass gathering of the quantum-tech community at APS March Meeting with unlimited arcade games, beer and piz

dewy grass symbolising springtime

Event roundup spring 2024

February 13 2024

Springtime means spring meetings! Meet our team at the following events.

quantum computer resonator samples for low temperature testing

Quantum Computer Temperature: Do They Need to Be Cold?

December 7 2023

Welcome to world of quantum computing, where the intuitive laws of classical physics give way to the complex phenomena of quantum mechanics...

Close up of an open cryostat

What is Magnetic Refrigeration?

November 29 2023

Magnetic refrigeration aids in producing extremely low temperatures at almost absolute zero temperature (called sub-Kelvin temperatures...

MRS Fall Meeting

MRS Fall Meeting

November 24 2023

Come meet our team to see how you can load samples into an L-Type Rapid cryostat in just a couple of minutes...

silicon wafers

SEMICON Europe Trade Fair

November 9 2023

We’ll be exhibiting at SEMICON, the prime European event for electronics manufacturing next week.

Cryostat temperature: abstract illustration

What Are Cryostat Temperatures and How Do They Work?

November 2 2023

Cryostat temperature control is pivotal for cryogenics and low-temperature research. But maintaining and regulating cryostat temperature...

Sprouting plant symbolizing the SPROUT cryogen-free sub-Kelvin cooling R&D project.

kiutra’s Involvement in Four Cutting-Edge R&D Projects

October 12 2023

This post shares how kiutra is playing a dynamic role in an ever-expanding array of cryogenics and quantum technology research initiatives.

Quantum Effects trade show banner

Quantum Effects 2023

September 18 2023

We have free day tickets to give away for the inaugural Quantum Effects trade fair and conference, taking place on October 10-11 in Stuttgart.

New Infineon Lab Receives L-Type Rapid Fast Characterization Cryostat

August 30 2023

Earlier this month, we delivered a L-Type Rapid fast characterization cryostat  to Infineon Technologies for their new laboratory...

Two of our quantum cryogenics solutions: the L-Type Rapid and S-Type Optical cryostats

Quantum Cryogenics: Cold Solutions for Quantum Technologies

August 29 2023

The importance of cryogenics in relation to quantum technologies cannot be exaggerated. Quantum technologies explore the realm...

Close up of connectors of a S-Type cryostat used for quantum cooling.

Quantum Computing & Cryogenics: Why Cooling Matters

August 18 2023

In the cutting-edge realm of the quantum industry, quantum computing and cooling are often closely interlinked. Quantum computing harnesses...

SQA Conference 2023 – Are you attending the SQA Conference 2023?

August 17 2023

We are attending the Superconducting Qubits and Algorithms (SQA) conference a not-for-profit scientific event...

Integration of low-temperature electronics and detectors in a S-Type system

S-Type Optical Systems at TUM

July 31 2023

We are happy to report that our team recently installed two S-Type Optical systems at the Technical University...

Screenshot of the CryoClould organizational view.

Introducing CryoCloud®

July 4 2023

Powered by our partner Xyte, CryoCloud provides our customers with the most modern and integrated digital user...

SQD23 Conference

July 4 2023

SQD23 brings together researchers in the UK working on superconducting quantum devices, technology, physics and...

kiutra booth at World of QUANTUM 2023

World of QUANTUM 2023

June 27 2023

Dedicated area for quantum technologies at LASER World of PHOTONICS, now in its second year.

Future of computing concept illustration

Future of Computing

June 22 2023

We are really excited to be featured in an interview series on quantum startups by the Future of Computing blog – the blog...

Close-up of a geometric pattern on a building in Madrid.

Quantum Matter Conference 2023

May 15 2023

Third edition of conference aims to gather the various communities engaged in the science and technologies of quantum information and...

S-Type Optical cryostat front and back views

Optics + Optoelectronics exhibition 2023

April 25 2023

S-Type Optical sub-Kelvin cryostat launch at SPIE Optics + Optoelectronics exhibition 2023...

Photo of the riverside in Dresden.

DPG Spring Meeting 2023

March 23 2023

Drop by to see our L-Type Rapid sample loading demo.

Alexander Regnat, CEO, and Co-founder of kiutra

APEX Ventures Interview

February 28 2023

Discover more about kiutra's contributions to cryogenics, the ins and out of quantum mechanical effects, and what's next for the company.

Welcome to Las Vegas sign

APS March Meeting 2023

January 31 2023

Find out everything about super-fast characterization at sub-kelvin temperature with kiutra’s L-Type Rapid.  

Photo of origami rocket

ESA BIC Interview

January 18 2023

Find out how space technology relates to kiutra's products.