Innovative Cryogenics

Working together for a better sub-Kelvin experience

Our Mission

An improved sub-Kelvin experience

At kiutra, our mission is to provide our research and industry customers with easy-to-use, turn-key cryostats that give them the time to focus on their work rather than on their cryostats. We facilitate low-temperature investigations of material samples and accelerate the development and testing of quantum hardware and related electronics by means of fast-cooling tools and innovative sample exchange mechanisms. Our cooling platforms offer continuous sub-Kelvin cooling independent of liquid cooling media, notably independent of rare and costly helium-3. This is essential to provide cryogenic temperatures in a simple, compact, and cost-efficient way, and a prerequisite for the application of quantum electronics at an industrial scale.

Your Advantage

A reliable partner for cryogen-free research

Our scientific background, our partnerships, and our active exchange with researchers and innovators from all around the world give us a good understanding for the difficulties and needs that arise in day-to-day laboratory work with cryogenic equipment. As an innovative university spin-off that is backed by trusted deep tech investors, we are your reliable partner to support your cryogen-free research.

Our Team

Experts at your service

kiutra has gathered an excellent team of physicists, engineers, and software developers who bring in many years of hands-on experience in cryo-engineering and share their passion for cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use cryogenic equipment. It is thanks to this team that we can offer advice and in-depth technical support for our customers.

Dr. Alexander Regnat

CEO, Co-founder

While completing his diploma and PhD thesis, Alexander extensively used and tailored ADR systems for low-temperature investigations of bulk and transport properties, as well as high-pressure measurements. As Managing Director and one of kiutra's co-founders, he supports many different activities with a focus on sales and business development. 

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Careers at kiutra

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By joining kiutra you will enter an open-minded deep-tech company set up to drive disruptive advancements in science and quantum technology. We field a world-class team of physicists, engineers, and software experts working together to constantly innovate cryogenics and to provide automatic and reliable cooling solutions.

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Our Projects

kiutra actively contributes to the R&D of cryogenics and quantum technology


Together with Delft Circuits, kiutra has received funding from the European Eurostars programme, to develop a scalable platform for Quantum Technologies.


We are part of the MUNIQC-SC consortium, an initiative to build a quantum computer demonstrator based on superconducting circuits. Through a specific research project, we aim to develop, deploy and validate rapid testing setups for easy characterization and examination of cryo-electronic components and superconducting quantum circuits.


kiutra is happy to be part of the MATQu consortium, which has been awarded funding from the ECSEL Joint Undertaking for building a European eco-system for qubit materials, their processing and characterization.


The MARQUAND project is a joint effort of the Walter-Schottky Institut of TUM and kiutra GmbH. The goal of the project is the development and the cryogen-free operation of highly efficient quantum detectors.

EIC Accelerator Pilot

Supported by the prestigious EIC Accelerator programme kiutra is developing a unique characterization tool for qubits and related low-temperature electronics.

Network & Partners

kiutra is part of a strong network

Intel Ignite

kiutra is proud to be alumnus of the 1st  Munich cohort of the Intel® Ignite program.  We are very grateful for a fantastic experience and the excellent support from the Intel Ignite team and its mentors.

Intel Ignite powers innovative and ambitious start-up companies that want to make big changes in their respective industries. During the 12-week program, each of the companies is strengthened in all relevant areas through customized content.