Focus on Your Sample –
Not on Your Cryostat

Compact sub-Kelvin cryostat with free-beam optical access

Focus on Your Sample –
Not on Your Cryostat

Compact sub-Kelvin cryostat with free-beam optical access

S-Type Optical

Compact. Robust. Simple.

The S-Type Optical is a very compact cryostat designed for a broad range of low-temperature experiments and applications that require simple and fast access to the sample stage. The system offers a unique combination of sub-Kelvin temperatures, automatic operation, and free-beam optical access on a small footprint.

800 mK - 300 K

> 30 hours

< 0.05 %

S-Type Optical Cryostat shown from the front. The Optical Access is visible on top of the cryostat.

Key Benefits

Built to light up the sub-Kelvin space

Optical Measurements at sub-Kelvin Temperatures

The S-Type Optical offers a unique combination of cryogen-free sub-Kelvin cooling and free-beam optical access on an extremely compact footprint. The system is equipped with a single, high capacity cooling medium to provide “one-shot” cooling to temperatures below 800 mK for a limited amount of time. With 30 hours of hold-time at 1 K and a fully automatic regeneration process of less than 1.5 hours, the system provides plenty of time to perform all sorts of measurements.

Simple Sample Access

The S-Type Optical comes with a coldfinger type sample stage, pointing vertically out of top plate of the vacuum vessel. This comes with several advantages. First, the sample space is not covered by a large vacuum vessel but surrounded by a compact vacuum hood that can easily be customized and is compatible with small working distances. Second, the manual sample changing procedure is straightforward and can be completed within minutes. To access the sample stage, the user just opens a couple of screws, removes the vacuum cover and heat shields, and mounts the sample on the sample platform.

Precise Temperature Control

The S-Type Optical is equipped with a magnetic cooling unit which can control temperature between 800 mK and typically 6 K. In this temperature range, the temperature is controlled magnetically, so that no heaters, error-prone valves or capillaries are needed. The direct temperature control translates into an outstanding stability of 0.05% at 1 K. If you would like to also access higher temperatures, continuous sweeps covering the whole temperature range from 800 mK to room-temperature can be performed using an additional sample stage heater.


Available Options

Accessories for your individual cryogenic requirements

Up to 4 RF lines

and up to 24 DC lines

Low resistance wiring

e.g. for piezo operation

2 T Sample magnet

Split-pair sample magnet with optical access
Picture of the sample stage of an S-Type Optical Cryostat.

Typical Applications

Innovative cooling for state-of-the-art science and technology

Optical investigation of electronic correlations

The investigation of many-particle correlations, their impact on the bulk properties and transport behaviour of condensed matter, and how these correlations trigger the emergence of new and exotic phases is a particularly exciting and active field of research. Several measurements including Rayleigh (elastic), Raman (inelastic), or resonant inelastic light scattering can be used to study collective excitations of the solid state. For such investigations, typically low temperatures in combination with fiber-coupled or free-beam optical access are needed. These requirements are met by kiutra’s S-Type Optical, which offers a unique combination of sub-Kelvin temperatures, free-beam optical access, small working distance, and compact system size to enable various optical measurements.

Schematic depiction of an optical experiment
Generic Graph of the spectrum of an arbitrary material collected in low-temperature photoluminecence.

Low-temperature photoluminescence

The investigation of photo-physical properties yields insights into electronic correlations of lower-dimensional systems or heterostructures. A well-established spectroscopic technique is the observation of photoluminescence, i.e., the analysis of light that is emitted from a sample after the absorption of photons. Tracking characteristic features in the photoluminescence spectra over a broad temperature range provides additional information on the energy scales and correlations of the electronic structure. The S-Type Optical offers a wide, continuous temperature range from room temperature to the sub-Kelvin regime. In combination with its customizable free-beam optical access, it thus allows to investigate photo-physical properties over four orders of magnitude.

Performance Data

Long-lasting and simple cooling

One-shot cooling with auto-regeneration

The figure shows the typical “one-shot” performance of the S-Type Optical with free-beam optical access, low resistance DC wiring, and 4 RF lines installed. Starting at the bath temperature of less than 4 K, the cryostat quickly reaches the setpoint temperature. The target temperature of 1 K can be stabilized with ΔT/T<0.05% for more than 30 hours. The automatic regeneration process of the ADR takes less than 1.5 hours resulting in a duty cycle >95 %.

Plot showing over 30 hours of hold time for the optical cryostat at 1K

Scope of Supply

We deliver fully equipped, turnkey solutions


Sumitomo RP-082B2S closed-cycle pulsetube cryocooler, 0.9 W 4.2K, 35 W @ 45 K
Cold head with remote rotary valve for a reduced vibration level
Sumitomo F70H water-cooled indoor helium compressor, 20 m flexlines
ADR unit for one-shot operation:
  • 1 ADR magnet
  • 1 Heat switch
  • 1 Cooling medium
Wide Range Pressure gauge
Integrated Passive Quench Protection

Instrument Control

Custom 19” Electronics rack
kiutra Modular Control Unit (MCU)
  • Base Module
  • Power Module
  • Drive Module
  • Load Module
kiutra Compressor Control Unit (CCU)
Temperature controller
Temperature sensors on cryocooler cold stages and ADR unit
Calibrated temperature sensor on sample stage
Sample heater and warm-up heater
User PC with pre-configured Python-based instrument control software and high-definition display
Digital high frequency magnet power supply
User breakout
Filtered temperature sensor breakout
Top view of the S-Type Optical Cryostat. Cover opened to show internal structure.

Standard Wiring

24 DC Wires

Optical Access

Coldfinger type sample stage
Easy access for sample installation
Optical windows in vertical and horizontal plane available

Tech Specs

S-Type Optical

Schematic drawing of a S-Type optical cryostat.
System size (cm)
(w x l x h)
93 x 71 x 86
60 x 80 x 66
54 x 45 x 50
System weight (kg)cryostat< 200
Size of sample platform (mm)diameter (mm)ø 41
Temperature range (K)< 0.8 – 300
Continuous temperature control (K)3.5 – 300
Operation times (hours)@ 1.5 K
@ 1 K
Cooldown timecryostat12 hours
Temperature stabilitymagnetic temperature control (< 6K)< 0.05 %
Vibrations (µm)< 2 µm

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