Photo of the riverside in Dresden.

DPG Spring Meeting 2023

At the upcoming DPG Spring Meeting in Dresden, we will be present with a couple of contributions: 

  • On Tuesday 28 March at 12:15: “ADR based sub-Kelvin cryostats for applied quantum technologies” (TT 19.6) as part of the focus session on new perspectives for adiabatic demagnetization refrigeration in the Kelvin and sub-Kelvin range (TT 19) 
  • On Wednesday 29 March at 11:30: “kiutra: Magnetic refrigeration for science and technology” (MA 25.5) as part of the focus session on startups in magnetism (MA 25) 

We will, of course, also have a booth at the Industry & Book Exhibit. Drop by to see the L-Type Rapid sample loading demo and to chat to our team.  

DPG Spring Meeting Condensed Matter Section (SKM) 

Industry & Book Exhibit March 28-30 

Tent A, booth A31 
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany

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