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Scalable Platform for Quantum Technology – SPROUT

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Delft Circuits and kiutra team up for SPROUT

Providing a scalable platform for quantum technologies

Quantum technologies and their commercial exploitation have been identified globally as one of the most important areas for the next decades. While significant progress has been made in the research of quantum effects, their adoption and scaling towards commercial applications is hindered by the complexity of current cryogenic cooling solutions. To solve this problem Delft Circuits and kiutra will team up in the SPROUT project to build an easy-to-use multi-channel cooling platform that facilitates the development and operation of quantum hardware.

The goal of this project is to provide a fully integrated, turnkey cooling platform as the go-to solution for quick and reliable testing of components or building multi-node quantum networks. It therefore combines a reliable, low maintenance cooling technology with integrated electronics for quantum experiments.

For further information on the project download our press release here:

Our contribution

System integration and development of core components

In the proposed project we will develop a demonstrator for a sub-Kelvin platform that is based on cryogen-free magnetic cooling but at the same time offers multi-channel electrical access, hence allowing for various applications in the field of quantum electronics and quantum optics.

The main technical challenge of kiutra’s part of the project is the delicate heat management of all integrated components, including the mechanical pre-cooling achieved by means of a closed-cycle cryocooler, the ADR cooling media, superconducting ADR magnets, heat switches, wiring, optical fibers, and low-temperature amplifiers. Further technical complexity arises from the vibration isolation needed to reduce the mechanical motion introduced by the cryocooler.


This project has received funding from the Eurostars programme with co-funding by EUREKA member countries and the European Union Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research under funding No. 01QE2113A.

Your Partner for Cryogen-free Research

The prototypes developed in this project will be made available to a limited number of pilot testers. Contact us to learn more and to implement your application on our platform.