Two of our quantum cryogenics solutions: the L-Type Rapid and S-Type Optical cryostats

Quantum Cryogenics: Cold Solutions for Quantum Technologies

What is quantum cryogenics

The study of materials and phenomena at extremely low temperatures is known as cryogenics. This refers to the production and behavior of materials that are exposed to temperatures below -150 degrees Celsius (-238 degrees Fahrenheit). Frigid conditions are vital for diverse scientific and industrial applications, and they occupy a central position in the progression of quantum technologies.

The importance of cryogenics in relation to quantum technologies cannot be exaggerated. Quantum technologies explore the realm of quantum mechanics, which concerns the conduct of matter and energy at the tiniest dimensions. Quantum phenomena, like entanglement and superposition, are extremely responsive to disruptions in the surroundings. Cryogenic cooling aids in alleviating these disruptions by decreasing thermal energy and extending the coherence time of quantum states.

Importance of quantum cryogenics

Cryogenics holds significant importance in quantum technologies, specifically in three crucial domains:

1. Quantum sensing and metrology:

Cryogenic environments play a pivotal role in pushing forward quantum sensors and metrology instruments. By exposing quantum devices to exceedingly low temperatures, the coherence time of quantum states experiences a substantial boost. This, in turn, facilitates the creation of more exact and perceptive tools, like atomic clocks, magnetometers, and gravimeters. Cryogenics assumes a crucial function in achieving more precise and sensitive evaluations of physical quantities.

2. Quantum optics and photonics:

Cryogenics plays a vital role in the advancement of quantum optical systems and photonics apparatus. Low temperatures optimize the functioning of photon sources, detectors, and other elements, allowing for the formation of efficient quantum communication platforms, single-photon sources, and quantum-enhanced imaging systems. Cryogenic cooling elevates the performance of these devices, pushing the limits of quantum optics and photonics.

3. Quantum computing:

Cryogenic refrigeration stands as a foundational element of quantum computing technology. Quantum computers depend on qubits as their fundamental units of data. By preserving qubits at ultra-cold temperatures, cryogenics aids in diminishing decoherence and sustaining quantum coherence. This enables the implementation of intricate quantum algorithms and harnesses the potential of quantum computation to tackle problems that are insurmountable for classical computers.

One of the most profound implications of cryogenics in the quantum world is the preservation of quantum coherence. Quantum systems, like qubits in quantum computers, are incredibly delicate, and even the tiniest disturbances from their surroundings can disrupt their delicate dance, causing information loss or errors. Cryogenic cooling extends the coherence time of quantum states, enabling these quantum wonders to maintain their entanglement and superposition states for longer periods.

In the race to build powerful quantum computers, cryogenics offers the key to unlocking their potential. Maintaining qubits at ultra-low temperatures helps minimize the effects of noise and decoherence, enabling the execution of complex quantum algorithms with remarkable accuracy. As a result, quantum computing harnesses the power of superposition and entanglement to tackle computational challenges that were once deemed insurmountable for classical machines.

Our contribution to cryogenic technology development

As a cutting-edge provider of revolutionary cryogenic solutions, our company spearheads the development of products and services that empower quantum systems to operate at ultra-cold temperatures. Embrace our state-of-the-art cryostats, meticulously designed to deliver ultra-low temperatures without the need for helium-3, ensuring your commercial quantum applications are future-proofed for success.

Our product range offers the following cryostats for the whole quantum technology with other services, too:

L-Type Rapid

An unparalleled top-loading cADR system presenting continuous cooling at 300 mK and single-cycle action down to 100 mK. With its ingenious automatic sample transfer mechanism, it achieves sub-three-hour cooling to the minimum temperature, empowering swift screening of scientific samples and expeditious prototyping of quantum electronics.

S-Type Platform

The S-Type Essential is a fully integrated cryogenic platform in a 19’’ rack-mounted design, delivering cooling for quantum devices. The system’s default setup ensures continuous cooling at 300 mK and “one-shot” operation down to 100 mK, free from cryogenic supply dependence. The S-Type Optical is an adaptable optical platform offering an experimental setting with ultra-low vibrations and the integration of experiments prepared outside the cryostat.

Cryogenics as a Service

As well as these hardware products, we offer companies and research groups the choice to outsource low-temperature measurements externally. This gives numerous benefits in contrast to handling everything in-house. This approach reduces expenses related to acquiring and maintaining cryogenic refrigerators, leverages the expertise of our specialists, allows you to concentrate on your tasks, accelerates the attainment of results, and minimizes space and infrastructure requirements.


Overseeing cryogenic equipment and offerings can be a monotonous task. To establish a more intelligent approach, we have also developed CryoCloud®, a cutting-edge solution. Engaging with and controlling our inventive cryogenic instruments, platforms and services has never been simpler, offering our clients the utmost contemporary and unified user experience in cryo-technology.

At kiutra, we collaborate with leading partners and are involved in several national and European consortia. Teaming up with top-tier partners and actively participating in numerous national and European consortia, we offer our unparalleled expertise that spans the entire frontier of cutting-edge quantum technology. From superconducting circuits and ion traps, propelling quantum computing to NV centers and single-photon detectors, revolutionizing sensing and communication applications – kiutra is propelling the development and implementation of state-of-the-art cryo-operating platforms for future quantum computers, quantum repeaters, and quantum sensors.

What the future holds for quantum cryogenics

To sum up, cryogenics assumes a vital role in propelling the progress of quantum technologies. Through the establishment of super-cold surroundings, cryogenic cooling elevates the efficiency and accuracy of quantum sensors, quantum optics setups, and quantum computers. In collaboration with visionary enterprises such as ours, we push the frontiers of cryogenics, unlocking fresh horizons for the forthcoming era of quantum technologies.

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