Automatic Operation

for Next-Generation Cryogenics

We at kiutra think that innovation and user-friendly design should not stop at cryogenics. Therefore we are devoted to the manufacturing of highly automated cryostat systems, which may be operated without expert knowledge. Thanks to the absence of liquid cooling media in the cooling process, our cryostats are very robust and fully automatic. Moreover, all systems can be controlled using a modern, user-friendly graphical software based on an open-source Python framework that can easily be adapted to your preferred measurement equipment and setups.

Automatic Sample Changer Add-on

The sample changer add-on is a fully automatic top-loading load-lock system which allows the user to load samples in just a few minutes and cool them down to base temperature in only a couple of hours.

Sample Loading Procedure

Preparation of the Sample Puck
Mounting the Sample Puck in the transfer cage

1. Signs and Symbols

2. Mount the puck on the Sample Puck Station 

3. Connect your sample to the sample puck

4. Plug the puck into the transfer cage

5. The puck holds firmly in its receptacle

Mounting of the transfer cage into the airlock chamber

6. Open the airlock chamber

7. Mount the transfer cage in the airlock chamber

8. The transfer cage is secured in its receptacle

9. Close the airlock chamber

Automatic Sample Transfer

10. Initialize the automatic sample transfer in the instrument control software

11. The puck is loaded into the cooling stage

12. After installation of the sample the empty transfer cage moves back into the airlock chamber

Sample Loading Procedure


Rapid Sample Cooldown
The Automatic Sample Changer in combination with a Rapid Cooldown Switch offers a sample cooldown from room temperature to 4 K in less than 1 hour. (Data recorded using a L100f kiutra Cryostat built around a 1.5W GM cryocooler.) 
Typical Preparation Times

In typical cryogenic systems such as dilution refrigerators, samples must be prepared and installed well in advance on a completely warmed-up and disassembled system. In contrast, the kiutra Automatic Sample Changer allows a simple preparation of the sample on a sample puck, which may be installed and loaded in the cryostat in only a few minutes. Thanks to the innovative sample loading mechanism, the sample cooldown time in kiutra Cryostats is more than 10 times shorter than in conventional systems. 

Selected Compatible Cryostats